Enriching the Next Generation – Carousel Ranch 

August 28, 2023SEE ALL STORIES
young girl wearing purple helmet petting a horse

ESC takes great pride in collaborating with meaningful and impactful organizations such as Carousel Ranch. For over 25 years, Carousel Ranch has worked to improve the lives of children and young adults with special needs through their highly regarded equestrian therapy and vocational training programs.  

Taylor Adachi, the new Executive Director of Carousel Ranch, began her remarkable journey with the organization over a decade ago as an intern. Recognizing Taylor’s potential and unwavering dedication, Denise Redmond, the founder and now-former Executive Director of Carousel Ranch, worked alongside Taylor to empower her to confidently become the next Executive Director. Taylor shares some of her experience during this period of leadership transition, saying “Where I started three years ago I was nowhere near ready. Francine [ESC Consultant] was a huge reason why I was able to take over when I did.”  Taylor’s work with ESC during this leadership transition allowed her to both build the skills and the confidence she needed to step into the role of Executive Director and effectively lead the organization. 

Taylor reflects on her continued work with ESC, stating “ESC is not just about coaches and learning about the sector, it’s really a community of peers, coaches, and professionals.” Carousel Ranch has continued to work with ESC on multiple projects including Strategic Planning, Leadership Coaching, and, in 2023, Taylor joined our Executive Directors Leadership Institute (EDLI).