Why We Serve – Our New Consultant Cohort

August 28, 2023SEE ALL STORIES
esc consultants standing together in daylight in front of green bushes

Our newest cohort of consultants share why they joined ESC and what they hope to achieve. 

“As an immigrant, I owe a lot to this country and want to give back. ESC provides me a wonderful channel to use my expertise in doing that.”  

– Ashok Boghani

“My hope is to help nonprofit organizations achieve their goals as they deliver services to their target populations. This could be through strategic planning, executive coaching, or employee engagement.” 

 Antonio Casasola

“ESC Los Angeles allows me to give back to organizations serving our community, acquire new skills and experiences, and work with knowledgeable professionals while connecting with others who share my passion for the Los Angeles metro area.”  

Jim Evans 

“Having been a happy recipient of both Developing Development (DDP) and Strategic Planning with ESC, I am more than happy to share the wisdom of this vibrant organization.” 

  Mary Fitzpatrick 

“I hope to make as much of a positive difference in the lives of the people I coach as the joy and fulfillment the coaching sessions bring to me.” 

Joyce Fried 

“ESC provides an opportunity to utilize what I have learned in my corporate life, form new relationships, and stay current while having plenty of time to enjoy retirement.”  

Mariette Keshishian

“ESC offered me the opportunity to give back to leaders of community-based organizations.” 

 – Betty LaMarr 

“To give the clients I work with the support and encouragement they need to reach their goals by providing practical advice and helpful resources.” 

Gail Rollman 

“I was inspired to join ESC after talking with two coaches about what a great and varied experience they had with ESC.  I have been looking for additional opportunities to contribute and meet other like-minded people.”

Ellen Sloan 

“I’m inspired by the power of collective action and driven by a desire to make a lasting impact – I’m motivated to volunteer with ESC by an aspiration to help nonprofit leaders achieve expanded impact in the communities they serve.”

Wayne Stickney