Fueled by Collaboration – Dwight Stewart Youth Fund 

August 28, 2023SEE ALL STORIES
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ESC is proud of our reputation as a trusted capacity-building resource and partner for both clients and funders. Together, we are navigating a landscape of profound change toward our shared goal of creating stronger communities.  

Our partnership with the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund (DSYF) is an outstanding example of how nonprofits and funders are collaborating to build a more resilient sector. For over 20 years, DSYF has supported organizations that provide direct services and experiences to underserved children and youth so they may gain values, skills, and confidence to achieve their potential.  

Together, we have been able to assemble cohorts of youth-serving organizations that blend group learning and individual coaching, available at no cost to participants. Through this shared commitment to accessible capacity-building, ESC and DSYF are supporting the organizations and individuals lifting up the next generation of leaders. 

Wendy Chang, DSYF Director, shared “we are fueled by collaboration,” and that “no one organization can do this alone,” which are sentiments that we at ESC share wholeheartedly. 

Wendy shared the value of this program in how “one-on-one coaching, which was very instrumental to getting things done and also a cohort model so that you’d be able to learn from other organizations” comes together. This dual approach “has been very effective in getting trainings and planning off the shelves and into real live action.” 

“The reality is there is not a perfect agency, ever, because it’s a messy world that we live in so, no one’s perfect and everyone needs support,” but through the blending of these cohort and coaching models ESC “humanizes the experience and gives some relief to burnout knowing that you’re not alone.” 

“In this era of change and challenge, we look to our most valuable resource, which is the people.” That is why DSYF is investing in those people, and supporting their organizations in this thoughtful manner. “The nonprofit organizations would not have paid the resources to participate in something like this, and I think that is very important for funders to be able to support such programs.” 

Collaboration and capacity building are essential to a healthy, sustainable, and impactful nonprofit sector. We are so proud to have partners like Wendy and the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund who understand and act on the importance of investing in the strengthening of the people and organizations serving our communities. We couldn’t do it without them! We can’t do it without each other!