Building a Culture of Leadership – SHARE! 

August 28, 2023SEE ALL STORIES
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Over the past 18 years, ESC has had the privilege of establishing a strong and lasting partnership with The Self-Help and Recovery Exchange (SHARE!), an organization committed to assisting individuals in their personal growth and healing journeys. SHARE!’s collaborative housing program and self-help support groups have had an extraordinary impact in the Los Angeles community, where 26% of residents with severe mental health issues obtain jobs within the first year in SHARE! housing. Seventy-four percent of residents without severe mental health issues become employed within their first year. SHARE! serves as a crucial bridge, addressing the desperate need for affordable supportive housing for people suffering from trauma and other mental health issues.

When Ruth Hollman, Chief Executive Officer of SHARE! began collaborating with ESC in 2005, the guidance and support of ESC coaches gave her the opportunity to evolve and grow in her roles as founder, CEO, and overall manager of this social enterprise. Ruth conveys the exponential growth SHARE! has experienced, saying “In 2005 SHARE!’s budget was less than $500,000, we are now close to topping $6 million.” Along with this growth, Ruth embarked on a leadership journey with ESC aimed at guiding her expanding staff toward building a strong foundation for success.

Since then, ESC has been proud to support SHARE! throughout its remarkable expansion, starting from Ruth’s initial coaching experience up to the present day where every individual assuming a managerial role is matched with an ESC Coach. Ruth expresses her sentiments regarding SHARE!’s collaboration with ESC, stating “ESC is a group of committed people who really want to make your organization better. I can’t think of a better organization to work with.”

SHARE! has engaged with ESC on numerous Customized Leadership Coaching projects, which has allowed them to develop and design programs tailored to their evolving needs.